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Trusted Counsel For Your Serious Injury Case

As an attorney who handles multiple practice areas, sometimes you have to focus your practice to do what’s best for the client. If you don’t regularly practice in the area of personal injury or wrongful death, it makes sense to reach out to an experienced trial lawyer who can work with you to pursue optimum results.

In such a situation, the shared goal should be to prepare and present a case for your seriously injured client’s compensation that is as strong and compelling as possible.

I am Luke Baker, an attorney who can work with you to make that case. At my law firm, the Law Offices of L.T. Baker, P.A, I have established a proven track record of results in injury litigation. From my office in Concord, I serve clients throughout the Piedmont region of North Carolina and beyond.

What Strategy Makes Sense For Your Client’s Compensation?

There is a good reason why your badly injured client came to you. He or she has come to rely on you for the way you handled other matters so well.

But handling a serious injury or wrongful death case requires a highly focused approach. It is critical to have skills such as accident investigation and the ability to prepare a case well for trial while encouraging a favorable settlement.

With my proven track record in litigation, you will find an attorney with those skills to whom you can refer a serious injury or wrongful death case. I am known for:

  • Strong investigation and case preparation skills
  • Extensive trial experience
  • A favorable record of verdicts and settlement
  • Many positive client testimonials

The best strategy for your client is to refer the case to me. With a mixture of confidence and humility, I welcome that conversation.

Talk With Me And Make A Plan

Call me at 866-433-1991 or reach out through the online form to arrange a time to talk about the situation you have at hand. Together, we can identify the best way to move forward on your client’s behalf.