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Dog Bites And Other Injuries Inflicted By Dogs

In many states, dog owners are strictly liable when their pets injure a person. North Carolina’s dog bite law is not always favorable to victims. If the dog is still a puppy or never showed any vicious behavior before, its owner may be off the hook for damages.

At the Law Offices of L.T. Baker, P.A, we investigate the dog’s history and work every angle of the law to make sure our clients are fairly compensated. We represent victims of serious dog bites in Concord, in Asheville and throughout western North Carolina.

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Our Concord Dog Bite Lawyer Maximizes Your Recovery

Attorney Luke Baker will work with you and your doctors to recover all elements of personal injury damages if you or your child was attacked by a dog:

  • Bite wounds and infections
  • Muscle or nerve damage
  • Facial scars or reconstructive surgery
  • Lost wages and disability
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma and fear of dogs

Holding Pet Owners Accountable

North Carolina statute still recognizes the “one bite rule.” Dog owners are responsible only if they have knowledge of the animal’s dangerous, vicious or mischievous propensities. This refers to dangerous dog breeds like pit bulls or Rottweilers or dogs of any breed that have previously bitten, chased or knocked people down.

We work to show that this was not the dog’s first attack or that the owner was negligent by allowing the dog to run loose or failing to control it. We have represented clients who intervened and got mauled when their own pets were attacked by vicious dogs. We have recovered damages when big, friendly dogs jumped up and caused serious injuries. We have dealt with cases involving children, including severe dog bite injuries to their face or arms. And we regularly handle the sensitive situation of dog bite claims involving a neighbor, friend or relative.

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