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Aggressive Pursuit Of Justice For The Injured

An injury to one person is an injury to the entire community. When careless people and companies violate safety rules, they put everyone at risk. In our country, we hold careless people accountable by making them financially responsible for the damage they cause.

At the Law Offices of L.T. Baker, P.A, we have dedicated our law practice to helping injured people obtain the maximum compensation they are due. By making reckless behavior as expensive as possible, we believe we are helping to keep our entire community safe. From our office in Concord, we represent clients throughout western North Carolina, including Asheville. Call 866-433-1991 for a free case evaluation.

The following are examples of the types of cases we handle:

  • Auto accidents: When careless drivers violate traffic rules by speeding, texting, driving drunk or other reckless behavior, they endanger all other drivers on the road.

  • Paralysis: A spinal cord injury has a lifelong impact, from personal challenges to family finances.

  • Brain injury: A traumatic brain injury creates great financial hardships for the entire family, who are often placed in the role of caregivers.

  • Injuries to children: It is always heartbreaking when children are the victims of life-altering accidents.

  • Injuries caused by negligence: Many accident victims never pursue legal action for injuries caused by negligence. This can be costly to everyone.

  • Slips and falls: If a safety hazard caused you to fall, the property owner can be held legally responsible.

  • Dog bites: North Carolina’s dog bite law is not always favorable to victims.

  • Accidents at work: If you were injured on the job, you may be entitled to more than workers’ compensation.

Your Advocates In Western North Carolina

You only want what is fair, but what’s fair may be more than you think. We work with physicians, therapists and other professionals to ensure that monetary damages reflect all costs you will face, including hospital bills, future medical care, lost wages, lasting disability or disfigurement, and compensation for pain and suffering.

The Law Offices of L.T. Baker, P.A, will stand up for your rights and go all the way to trial if necessary to hold the negligent parties and insurers to their legal obligation. Call our Concord office at 866-433-1991, or contact us online. Many times the free consultation can be conducted over the phone to avoid the necessity of a trip. If the circumstances require, we can also come to your home or hospital.

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