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School Bus Accidents

In The Aftermath Of A School Bus Accident, We Are Here

We rely on school buses to transport our children safely to classes. While school buses are generally safer than cars or allowing your child to walk or bike to school, bus accidents can be catastrophic. Poorly maintained buses, unsafe bus drivers or careless drivers in other vehicles can result in severe injuries or even death for multiple children.

At the Law Offices of L.T. Baker, P.A, we hold negligent people financially accountable for the harm they cause. The civil justice system can provide a strong motivation for school districts to hire safe drivers and properly maintain their fleet of buses. We can also hold other drivers responsible when they violate safety rules when sharing the road with school buses.

Identifying The Cause Of An Accident Can Help Your Case

Due to complex laws and the circumstances of your case, pinpointing liability may not be easy. For this very reason, you need an attorney who is well-versed in North Carolina’s statutes. You need our attorney: Luke Baker. Through our experience, we know to prepare your case for possible trial.

We know that bus accidents are not random, nor are they unavoidable. Instead, we find that you can often attribute a cause to one of the following factors:

  • Drivers who purposefully disobey a bus’s stop sign and its flashing lights. Such reckless actions could mean the injury or death of a child crossing the road to reach the bus or home.
  • Bus operators and car drivers distracted by their phones or the surrounding environment. Inattentiveness could lead to crashes and other dangerous situations.
  • Tired bus drivers and motorists who choose to drive regardless of their conditions. The effects of sleep deprivation are comparable to driving while intoxicated.
  • Drivers with DUI records or other traffic violations who were not thoroughly vetted during the hiring process. If a bus company fails to run a background check or hires an unqualified driver, it risks the safety of your child.
  • Buses that are not properly maintained by the company or entity that owns them. Mechanical issues can result in malfunctions that endanger children during transit.

Knowing the cause of an accident can help you support your claim. It can also help to prevent similar accidents from affecting other families.

Don’t Let An Insurance Company Minimize Or Deny Your Claim

Enlisting the services of a proven personal injury lawyer is key to providing the compensation your child will need to meet the challenges ahead and to keep our roads safe. Call 866-433-1991 to schedule a free consultation at our Concord office today. You can also send inquiries our way using the online contact form.