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Representing Victims Of Commercial Vehicle Accidents In Western North Carolina

People who drive commercial vehicles have a responsibility to drive safely to ensure the safety of others on the road. Unfortunately, some employees entrusted with commercial vehicles are under deadline pressure, unqualified to handle a large truck or unconcerned about other motorists.

The Law Offices of L.T. Baker, P.A, holds drivers of commercial vehicles and their employers accountable when their negligence leads to serious injuries. Experienced trial lawyer Luke Baker will help you obtain the compensation you deserve. He handles cases in Concord, in Asheville and throughout western North Carolina.

Commercial vehicle accidents must be promptly investigated to preserve evidence. Call us today at 866-433-1991.

Trucking Companies Are Putting Profit Over Safety

Drivers of commercial vehicles are subject to state and federal safety rules such as hours behind the wheel and mandated rest between shifts. Trucks are also subject to weight limits and restricted from certain local roads. These rules are routinely ignored by unscrupulous drivers and companies, putting the public at risk.

The Law Offices of L.T. Baker, P.A, pursues damages for accidents involving commercial vehicles such as:

  • Freight truck and tractor-trailer accidents
  • Package delivery trucks (FedEx, UPS)
  • Corporate fleet vehicles
  • Utility and garbage trucks
  • Dump trucks and heavy equipment
  • Delivery cars and vans
  • Limousines, taxis and shuttles
  • Buses (private coach, school bus)

Experience Matters When The Injuries Are Serious

Commercial vehicles generally carry good insurance, but that does not mean that drivers and employers will admit fault or volunteer full compensation. Luke Baker will go to trial, if necessary, to see that our clients are compensated accordingly. We do not let trucking companies pass the buck by claiming their drivers are independent operators.

To establish liability, we get accident reconstruction specialists to the crash site and send preservation letters to truck owners to secure black box data and other records (including the driver’s real logbooks). Our mission is to uncover negligence that contributed to a crash: fatigue, speeding, traffic violations, unsafe lane changes, unsecured or overweight cargo, poor truck maintenance, or negligent hiring and training of drivers.

We Can Start The Investigation Today

If a family member was injured or killed in a collision with a commercial vehicle, we provide the aggressive and committed representation you need. We are not afraid to take on big employers, trucking companies and insurance companies.

We provide a free consultation, and we take attorney fees only if we recover compensation. Call our Concord office at 866-433-1991 or contact us online.