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Careless Driving Does Not Just Affect The Driver

Traffic safety rules are principles for how people should behave when they are behind the wheel of a car. When people break these rules by speeding, texting, driving under the influence or otherwise breaking safety rule they endanger all other drivers on the road.

After a motor vehicle accident, consider getting legal help to make sure you and your passengers are fully compensated for any serious injuries. Without help from an experienced personal injury lawyer, you run the risk of accepting a settlement offer that minimizes the compensation you may be entitled to. You also run the risk of allowing rule breakers to avoid the full consequences of their behavior.

At the Law Offices of L.T. Baker, P.A, we provide aggressive and compassionate legal representation to victims of car accidents, motorcycle crashes and all types of motor vehicle accidents. Attorney Lucas T. Baker leads a caring and capable team committed to your physical and financial recovery. From our office in Concord, we represent clients throughout western North Carolina, including Asheville.

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We Handle All Types Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

We know how to hold the negligent parties and insurance companies accountable to their obligations. We handle all types of motor vehicle accidents, including:

Initial Consultations Are Always Free For Vehicle Accident Cases

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