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Did your child suffer a serious injury on a school playground?

Kids need to blow off steam and built-up energy during the day. How many parents have joked that if they could bottle the energy their young children have, they could make millions? All joking aside, sitting in a classroom all day without releasing that extra energy makes it difficult to concentrate and do well, which is why recess is so important at certain ages.

When you send your child off to school, you expect the teachers and other staff members to keep him or her safe. What you, and many North Carolina parents, may not realize is that school playgrounds can be dangerous. You may expect trips and falls, bumps on the head or other minor injuries to occur, but what if your child suffers a serious injury on the school playground?

The need for appropriate supervision

There needs to be sufficient supervision on the playground in order to help the kids avoid injury. Distracted playground supervisors or an inadequate number of them promotes an environment in which injuries could easily occur.

Another danger to your child could be not taking a seemingly minor injury seriously. If playground staff discover that your child hit his or her head but brush it off, it could turn into a serious injury since head injuries often do not reveal their full extent for some time.

The need for a soft landing

Experts recommend that schools cover their playgrounds in shock and impact absorbing materials in order to help prevent serious injuries. Without it, your child could fall on hard ground and suffer serious injuries. Recommendations include approximately 12 inches of one or more of the following materials:

  • Pea gravel
  • Wood chips
  • Rubber
  • Sand

All of the above serve as good materials for absorbing impacts.

The need for safe playground equipment

Obviously, you more than likely expect the school to provide safe equipment for your child to play on during recess. If the equipment fails to meet standards set by government agencies such as the Consumer Products Safety Commission, it may contribute to child injuries. It may be necessary to show that the school and the school district knew that the equipment may be unsafe for use by children.

The need for proper maintenance

Routine inspections may reveal that hazards exist in the playground. If the school fails to remove those hazards and fails to properly maintain the playground and its equipment, injuries could occur. Tree stumps, rusty equipment parts and other hazards require removal in order to maintain child safety.

If any of the above conditions contributed to or caused your child's injury, you may find filing a personal injury claim appropriate in your pursuit of compensation for the harm done to your child.

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